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Subhadra the injured Cow from Chennai talking to US all

Written by Krishna Limb

As her, saviours have approached Dr. Tapesh for #Krishnalimb they also share her Story

Hello! Namaste!!!!

I am Subhadra and my son Rangan!!!!

I tell you a sad story about my life which was travel for last week!!!!

Before a week I was living happily in erode…. I was grazing the pastures and giving manure to the field. I blessed with a male calf before a month ago…One day my owner left me and went to Chennai… A new man came and brought me to his cow’s shed and later I knew that he was a butcher…then I ran to the next field to escape… But my fake, my son was caught by the butcher, and he tied him with a rope….at night I came to my son’s place and gave milk to him… Then I slept with him… Next day morning, I was also caught by the same man… Because of I ran to save my life, he attacked my back legs with a thick rod,,, I could not tolerate my pain, and I fall in that place… My pain was very horrible and could not stand… Then the butcher decided to transport us to a slaughter house…By god’s grace Mr. Karthick from erode Goshala saw me and rescued…because of more pain I went to the unconscious stage… Next morning I woke up and realised that we were in Namakkal hospital…and again new two members accommodated us, but all were in vain… Doctors refused me and they tried to take for their research purpose, and after some time, I was left alone, nd I missed my son also…I felt vey badly for three days and was outside of the hospital… No one was look at me and even, did not give any Water to me…. Then at late night a vehicle came near to me and I was lifted to the vehicle… I  was very much feared that again I was going to a slaughter house and I didn’t know what was happened to my son…I travelled with full of pain they tied my four legs so that I could not move anywhere..

Cow Protection
When I opened my eyes at early morning I was at trichy Srirangam .. really it is heaven… I felt a nice air and nice smell from the Kollidam river in the early morning…at around 5’o clock Harish came and met me and I was unloaded to a good place called Sri Manavala mamunigal thiruvarasu… It’s just opposite to the banks of Kollidam… Lots of fresh grass are here but I cannot eat.. Sri venugopala Bhagavathar and Harish removed the rope which was tied at my legs and noticed that my legs were broken… That Bhagavathar pour a bottle of water to my mouth. I felt that this is the right place to live and I licked the water which was fallen on the ground… I was thirsty at that time.  Then mr Subramanian came and gave fresh water with rice husk to me… I could not eat that because of pain…then he noticed my legs and he chanted the Maha mantra Japa..(Hare Krishna mantra)… That was really very nice to me and I felt good….my body was fully drenched because I travelled that night on the open space van and lit bit of cold I felt… Bhagavathar covered my body with a cloth and he washed my body with some warm water…. Then they named me

SUBHATHRA .. Really I nice name right? …😀😀 and every one went away..But my thinking was full of about my calf…I missed him a lot.. At noon mr Veeraraghavan came and looked at me….he felt very bad after seeing my legs , all were scolded that butcher for some time… At 1 30 pm a sriram and his friends ( gosevaks from srirangam) came with a doctor mr Chenna Kesavan…he looked at my legs and he decided to amputate…Really he is a very nice and service minded doc..Then anaesthetics  has been given to me I was unconscious for nearly3 hours,. After I woke and saw that my legs were amputated and there was big wound in that… Really I felt a lot of pain… Then Harish came and gave medicine to me… It was not tasty so he forced me to take… I took that and my pain was little bit decreased..Then at about 10’o clock mannargudi Sri chendalangara jeeyar Swami came with my son … And he named him Ranga… and he came near to me with lot of love and licked me…I don’t have any milk to feed him…but even though I tried to stand up to give but I could not… He sat near to me.. That time I forgot that leg pain and I slept with my son happily after the long time…next day morning mr Veeraraghavan came and milk him with feeding bottle but my son refused to drink … After some time Harish came with desi cow milk to feed.,,, that also he refused… The he forced my son to drink by pouring through soda bottle.. He drank some milk. Any way I cannot give milk to my son for a month.. He has to drink that only..  But he can graze the land…

Krishna Limb

My humble request is, there are so many cows like me are feeling trouble at slaughter house… Please help them,, this should not be happen here after to other cows…even though we cannot have the ability to give more milk, we can give you good manure to the field and we can give you a healthy life…. No other cows should feel this type of pain like me… It’s really horrible..

Moral: Goseva should be done with good service mind and as well as good Bhakthi…  My life turned to this situation that my boss had good service minded but no Bhakthi.. If Bhakthi was there then this situation will not come to my life… I were live happily with my son….
I am sorry if I hurt you……

GUAVO VISVASYA MATHARAHA!!!!!-cow is a mother of the universe

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