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There was A Laila: Orphan Pups in Temple and Terror of Papa

Girisha's pets

Ms. Girisha with her beloved friends

These Orphan Pups suffering itching all over would cry the whole night. They were four and lived in a temple premise. As they turned 2 months, lice infestation in skin added to their misery and without their mother, who was run over by a car, there was none who could comfort them.

From Temple to Washing Machine
Girisha Chicksena heard about them from her mother, who would visit the temple each day. Seeing them suffer, she started feeding them, made a shelter right there in temple garden and visited them daily. Soon consulted a Vet and started taking good care of them all. Three of them started showing signs of improvement but one of them named LAILA was still critical. No hair, no appetite. Girisha made a temporary house of a washing machine carton for her. Hidden in the back room as Mr. Chicksena, her father would not tolerate entry of street dogs in house. Laila started eating properly and the environment of home improved her health. One day Mr. Chicksena got to know about Laila and she had to go from house. Mr. Chicksena didn’t want an infectious pup in his house, which might infect the family’s pet Paris – a German Shepherd. Now Laila didn’t live in the house but she lived in heart of Girisha.

Motherly Care was Only Hope
When she was 3 months old, strange things started happening. There were deep wounds on her skin, she became very weak and would not show up in the locality for many days. One day Girisha and her brother decided to solve this mystery. After following Laila for hours, they found she used to hide herself in darkest debris so that flies can’t bother her. She was so distressed that she had started eating dead mice or other rotten animals too, which was injurious to her already delicate liver. They again consulted the vet Dr Tapesh, who has been working for Amputated Animals, Animal Disability through artificial limb for animals named Krishna Limb, suggested “Laila needs proper shelter and mother like care. Her condition is critical and if she continues to eat rotten meat or eggs she would not survive for long. Her liver is so weak that she can’t handle more medicines.” They made a home for Laila in the house garden taking Mr. Chicksena into confidence. Laila was improving but didn’t get rid of her old habits.

Prayed to Lord Ganesha…But…
Laila was one year old now. Girisha cleared her bank exam and got a posting in Mumbai. Sometimes Laila used to come to her garden house, sometimes not. Few days before Ganesh Chaturthi 2013, one morning, Girisha who was in Mumbai that time, got a call from her brother – ”Girisha, Laila has disappeared.” Girisha prayed to Lord Ganesha and just wanted to know where on Earth was Laila. It was unbearable. She again got a call from her brother around 12:3o pm. Laila was found dead in a debri near their house. Her whole body was devoured by insects.

Care for Animal, Care for Human Life
It has been almost three years since but Girisha becomes emotional every time somebody talks about Laila and replies to Krishnalimb Reporter philosophically – “We can’t control death or disease. But being a Human – the highest form of life on this planet, we can at least ensure some food and a little bit of care for those present around us.”

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