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They Hate us as we Love Dogs

Written by Krishna Limb

Delivering 4 puppies Blackie made me mother of MANY, Gunda, White Shoe, Joker and more!


“It was a day which changed our lives forever. An Indian Pariah (aka Pye dogs) bitch entered our house, we realized she was pregnant hence we couldn’t even think of shooing her away. She soon gave birth to 4 puppies under staircases of our house. Ever since she has ruled our hearts and lived as member of our family” Deepa, a resident of Sodhala area in the city of Jaipur is a shop owner and passionate pet lover now. She shares how this mother of 4, who she named as Blackie because of deep black fur, turned her into a person who people call as maniac but who knows better what it takes all to serve DOGS and how this bonding earns her all HAPPINESS.

She gave birth to 4 puppies and made me mother of Many

”Initially Blackie was very protective for her puppies. Then my father-in-law advised us to feed her. This worked. She soon started trusting us and befriended whole family including my husband and son. We started playing with her, feeding her and I don’t know when she became an inseparable part of our family!” Deepa tells that one of Blackie’s pups was run over by a speeding vehicle and rest two were stolen by strangers. She is now left with only one pup which the family has named Bruno. ”I feel blessed when Blackie and Bruno come running to the door, welcoming me in the most loving fashion!” shares Deepa. It’s all because of her that we explored that hidden part of ours which led us to start caring for welfare of all Dogs, inside or outside our home.

Family of 14 – Joker, White Shoe and Gunda

Enter Deepa’s house to hear her say I have 14 dogs in my family and feel surprised when you will find only Blacki and Bruno there. So where is rest 12? She would then take you to the balcony to point to far corners of the street. She is mother to 12 street dogs whom she feeds every day, offers medication, cleans them every Sunday and goes on a walk with them all. Deepa has given interesting names to her beloved street dogs viz. Joker, White Shoe, Muffy, Gunda to name a few matching their nature or looks.

Relatives call me maniac, I care not for them but only DOGS

Deepa has been hated by many living in her locality. Her intense love for dogs irritates them as they keep strolling in and around the colony. But she stopped caring for anyone and never ignored these mute creatures. On the other hand lot of her friends, family and neighbours are now rather aware of animal welfare and have started caring for these most loyal friends of human race. Deepa says jokingly ”People call me maniac for my relationship with dogs. But I can’t help it :-P! We obviously don’t get any monetary benefit from these lovely animals but then the satisfaction and pleasure we feel is beyond measure. Invaluable”

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